Status Transportation Corp has lowered Level 1 inspections.
Status Transportation Corp Lower Level 1 Inspections Delivers More Efficiency to Drivers
May 17, 2019

Status Transportation Incentives Drive Owner Operator Growth

Status Transportation Sign-On bonus

As a people-centric company, Status Transportation understands what motivates commercial truck drivers to further enhance their career as Owner Operators

Status Transportation offers new owner operator sign-on incentives.

(Orlando, FL) Status Transportation Corp., a leading ground freight and cargo services company for Owner Operators, continues to develop a strong offering to trucking professionals, with the inclusion of enhanced benefits and incentives in the competitive transportation industry.

Attracting talent in an industry where shortages make the news often is leading to a more competitive landscape as companies like Status Transportation must show their commitment to the people where “the rubber meets the road.”

To motivate Owner Operators to sign up with Status Trucking, the company has added new incentives—namely a $1000 Sign-On Bonus and a trailer lease purchase program —as part of its strategic effort to strengthen the company’s appeal.

The $1000 Sign-On Bonus incentive is effective since June 2019 while the trailer lease purchase program is available year-round. Both of these incentives take a load off Owner Operators, whose main focus is to deliver their loads on-time and without having to worry about anything that clouds their mind while doing their routes.

Owner Operators are not employees of companies such as Status Transportation, but rather Truck Load drivers affiliated to Status Transportation who own or lease their trucks, working for their own profit as independent contractors.

Incentives provided by Status Transportation ensure a higher level of satisfaction for commercial truck drivers and these benefits are negotiated thanks to the company’s higher-volume leverage, resulting in a win-win opportunity.

Status Trucks Winter Garden offers a $1000 sign on bonus.

However, Status Transportation’s ultimate goal is to ensure a team spirit where Owner Operators are bound by a joint approach to achieving success, which guides the company in securing benefits and incentives that will promote the drivers’ wellbeing and satisfaction.

“From the early days of our company, we wanted to institute a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves,” said John L. Statkus, Founder of Status Transportation. “Being an Owner Operator is a lonely profession in its own, but when you feel like you’re a part of something larger that comes with added benefits, you are motivated to do your work with a smile in your face.”

Statkus knows this well, since he was an Owner Operator before starting Status Trucking in 2009, motivated by the lack of support he was receiving from the company where he was affiliated as an independent CDL driver.

“Every new Owner Operator is welcomed by a number of benefits that can make a huge difference in their personal and professional life,” adds Statkus. “We are all part of a big family, so we must take care of each other.”

Other benefits negotiated by Status Transportation Corp. include discounted rates on physical damage insurance to cover both the truck and trailer, which is an added benefit for Owner Operators, considering the dangerous nature of their trade.

Another benefit that has already been in place for several months is the provision of a free electronic logging deviceusually a cost of about $800 incurred by the Owner Operator—which has a direct benefit in ensuring compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations.

FMCSA requires the use of Electronic Logging Devices or ELDs to report their Hours-of-Service (HOS) and their Records of Duty Status (RODS)—making this benefit another point of appeal to Owner Operators.

Status Transportation is getting ready to celebrate its 10th anniversary in business and the company attributes much of its success to the symbiotic relationship it has with Owner Operators, who continue to show interest for the company seeking the stability and opportunity the company promotes in the industry.

About Status Transportation Corp.

Status Transportation Corp. is a Florida-based trucking company that provides support for Owner Operator truck drivers, managing all aspects of freight dispatch and operations management. The company works to generate business for Owner Operators, ensuring a constant stream of business and revenue opportunities. Status Transportation has been operating since 2009 with offices in Orlando, FL, and Atlanta, GA.