$4500-$7500 Gross Revenue per week

Owner operator jobs


Status Transportation has loads available in all 48 states.

We offer two options for our Owner Operator Jobs: OTR or Regional. Our regional areas consist of a minimum of 10 surrounding states to your home state. You can run more than that, however, you cannot run less.

Over the road, drivers stay out at least 3 weeks at a time while regional drivers just have to run at least 5 days out of the week.

You can bring any trailer or we will provide you with a dry-van or a flatbed. Enjoy long distance hauls, best rates and steady pay. Great employment opportunity!

Owner Operator Loads

5+ Years of Service Owner Operator Recognition

Status is THE BEST place I’ve ever been

Owner Operator Review reveals Status Transportation Pay, Loads, and what it is like to be an Owner Operator with Status Transportation

Shawn, a partner since 2015, shares his experience as being a place he “Really Likes”.

We offer these two leasing options

If you have a Tractor:

  • OTR – We pay: 75% of gross revenue, trailer $50 weekly,
    no insurance cost
  • Loads delivered by Wednesday are paid on Monday
  • REGIONAL – We pay: 72% of gross rev., trailer $50 weekly,
    no insurance cost
  • Tractor and Trailer repair facility
  • Trailer Maintenance
  • Weekly Settlements
  • Direct Deposit
  • Fuel Cards (EFS Fuel Discount Program)
  • No Forced Dispatch
  • No-touch freight
  • Long Runs: East-West, North-South, Midwest
  • Our DRY VAN / FLATBED trailer

If you have a Tractor & a Trailer

  • OTR – We pay: 85% of gross revenue, no insurance cost
  • REGIONAL – We pay: 82% of gross revenue, no insurance
  • Loads delivered by Wednesday are paid on Monday
  • Tractor and Trailer repair facility
  • Weekly Settlements
  • Direct Deposit
  • Fuel Cards (EFS Fuel Discount Program)
  • No Forced Dispatch
  • No-touch freight
  • Long Runs: East-West, North-South, Midwest


Owner operator loads
  • Choose between OTR and REGIONAL runs
  • Own a semi-truck
  • 2 years of verifiable tractor-trailer experience
  • Truck must be no older than 15 years old
  • Trailers must be no older than 10 years old

Tag, PrePass, IFTA, Bonuses, etc.

  • E-logs at no cost!
  • PrePass $18.00 per month
  • Physical Damage and Non-Trucking Liability
    Insurance weekly program available
  • Plate Program available
  • Mechanic Account available
  • IFTA calculation – $55.00 per quarter + the IFTA cost
  • Referral Bonus! Invite your friends! $500.00
    after 30 days
  • Set-up fee $55.00 (includes permits and decals)
  • Security deposit $1500.00, $150.00 for 10 weeks
Owner operator jobs

Hiring Locations

Walk-ins are always welcome at any of our hiring locations, our recruiters are ready to answer all your questions about our owner operator jobs, pay and leasing with Status Transportation.  Visit us at our Orlando, FL or Atlanta, GA hiring locations.

Independent drivers looking to succeed in the owner operator trucking business will find a strategic partner in Status Transportation.   From years of experience and a continuous improvement process (CIP), we have systematically improved our practices in order to develop the highest paying owner operator jobs.


Drivers are treated with the utmost respect. We respect you as a person, respect your time, and have respect for your business.  We believe respect is a two-way road. That’s why whenever a dispatcher calls an owner operator to offer a load is because that is the best load available at the moment.  Our focus is not just to cover the driver for the day, but to find and negotiate the best rates.  Drivers have the option to reject loads because we are a non-forced dispatch company, but it’s through respect and trust that we can deliver on our promise to get owner operators the highest gross revenue.


As one of the best owner operator trucking companies, Status Transportation strives to provide owner operators the best quality, value, and service. At Status, we believe that clear communication is crucial to develop and sustain a successful work relationship.  Drivers can expect to be treated in a respectful and courteous manner in every interaction with our different departments.  

Dispatcher Department

Owner operators hone their skills by continually working behind the wheel.  In the same way, our dispatchers master their craft by spending countless hours in front of a screen and on the phone communicating with shippers, receivers, comparing rates, and routes.  All this with the sole purpose of getting the highest paying loads and delivering the best service to each owner operator truck driver.

Our dispatchers take the time to know their drivers individually.  They learn how they like to run, but they also have their finger on the pulse of the trucking industry and know what’s best for the owner operator.  The transportation market is constantly shifting and it’s through hands on experience that we have been able to recognize market cycles and what regions are paying the best rates at the moment.  

Dispatchers at Status Transportation are regularly collaborating with each other in order to find the best owner operator loads not only for their assigned drivers but also for their teams.  As a result, drivers can expect great rates and a consistent owner operator pay.

Technology and Innovation

The Status Transportation system was built from the ground up with the purpose of streamlining our business workflow.  Our in-house developed technology allows us to provide drivers a high-quality service and up-to-date information during every step of the pipeline process.  Day to day operations from finding the best rates to the point when a load it’s paid to the driver, our in-house system expedites every step of the process, therefore enabling us to deliver the best service in owner operator trucking.

Safety Department

We are a company that is completely committed to safety and we know being safe doesn’t happen by accident. Our safety department is not only there to help you to stay compliant with DOT rules and regulations, but also work full time to make sure safety is a habit and not just a requirement.  We want you to be safe, so you can go back home safe.