Dispatcher's Lounge

Performing this job requires a variety of skills, from learning company specific computer programs to sometimes being able to speak multiple languages. We invite you to learn more about our dispatchers, their personal opinions, and the culture of service at Status Transportation.

Our dispatchers talk about the culture of service, friendship as well as what it takes to be a great dispatcher at Status Transportation.


Status Trucks jobs in Florida

We have a great team here at Status and we stick to our strategy. We have great teamwork, we build great relationships and we work really well together.


Alex Schwappach Status Dispatcher

Hi, my name is Alex, I am a truck dispatcher at Status Transportation. Whether it is talking to brokers or to Owner Operators, I enjoy connecting with people and building relationships.



Hello, my name is Benjamin and I’ve been a dispatcher for the past six years. What I really do like about the trucking industry is that it never has a dull moment.


Justin F

I’m always learning more about how to make money in trucking by watching trends and getting to know my drivers. Each Owner Operator is an individual; they all have different preferences on how to drive.


Maykel D -Status Transportation Dispatcher

Owner operators here at Status know I will care for them and will do nothing but the best for them.



Honestly, in this life if you want to be something and you want to be great at anything, you have to work hard towards it.


Status Transportation dispatcher Kyle P.

I come from a family of truck drivers and although I’m not in the truck per say I’m still involved in this industry so that’s why I decided to join Status Transportation.