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Justin F
Justin F – Status Trucks Dispatcher
December 15, 2021

Chris B – Status Trucks Dispatcher

Hello my name is Chris and I am a dispatcher here at Status Transportation. The thing I like most about the trucking industry is really the fact that you can experience something different every single day. Nothing’s ever the same. You meet new people, create new relationships, and the most important thing is being able to make fantastic money in trucking. I love the trucking industry. I used to work in the service and food industry. Starting a trucking career completely changed my life. 

The most important thing for an Owner Operator to achieve success is really just staying hungry and that also goes for dispatchers. Honestly, in this life if you want to be something and you want to be great at anything, you have to work hard towards it.

If an Owner Operator is hungry then you need to come to Status. You’re going to have somebody working with you that’s just as hungry as you are. I’ve talked to so many Owner Operators who really never felt like family at the company they work with. I feel like Status gives you that family feeling, it’s one thing to go to work and feel you’re working, but to go to work and feel you’re home, that’s a whole other ballpark. 

I would say the best strategy to make money in trucking is to continue working harder everyday towards where you want to be and hustle. I mean you can make all the money in the world and get content, you know, get complacent. But if you have that dedicated mentality, you have that Owner Operator who is that driving force, the sky’s the limit. 

The best areas to run right now would be the Midwest to West Coast and Northeast to Southeast. Many of the Owner Operators I work with live down in the Southeast. Everybody’s trying to go home, go to the beach, and hang out with their family. Therefore, the best areas to run would be throughout the Midwest right now. 

An Owner Operator and dispatcher’s relationship is extremely important. Again, we’re a team, we’re a unit. If the Owner Operator  makes money, the dispatcher makes money, everybody makes money, and everyone is happy. We talk to each other daily, you can’t go to work and deal with somebody you don’t like. So that’s why I feel like the relationship between a dispatcher and an Owner Operator is extremely important because again, these are your guys, this is your team. I strongly believe that you always have to do your best job, so own it and take pride in it. 

The key to building a long-lasting relationship with an Owner Operator has to be honesty. That’s the key to building a long-lasting relationship between anybody. There’s a lot of companies out there that hire snakes and they don’t really have the driver’s best interests in mind. I definitely feel like I’m working for a reputable trucking company where they put others before themselves and I’m extremely happy.

Every Owner Operator should know that they’re taken care of. There are a lot of companies that I’ve heard of that really don’t have the Owner Operator’s best interests in mind. I feel like Status does. So if you’re an Owner Operator with us, you can rest easy knowing that you’re good. I definitely feel that working with Status you’ll have peace of mind. 

When you’re working closely with an Owner Operator it’s easy to get sensitive about things, but you have to be understanding. These guys are driving for hours and hours in a small space. We as dispatchers get to go home every day – they don’t. If you want to be a dispatcher, be patient and stay hungry. Same thing goes for the Owner Operators when working with their dispatchers, always try to be understanding, your dispatcher works hard to make sure you make as much money as possible.

The difference between a good dispatcher and a bad dispatcher is that a good dispatcher has the Owner Operator’s best interest in mind. You can make all the money in trucking that you want, but if you push your driver out the door, by not letting them get home, not allowing them the time to do life things, or if you don’t keep their driving preferences in mind, then they won’t want to work with you.

It is easy to get very mad, very greedy because this is a business. I definitely agree that greed comes into play, but you have to look beyond the money. You need to take care of your Owner Operator, and that’s what separates a good dispatcher from a bad one.

Do everything you can for your guy, because they’re the ones driving the truck and putting the hard work in. I’m telling you, if you want to make money in trucking, Status Transportation is the place for you to be and ask for me. I got your back!