Owner Operator Independence

Running your own operation has its advantages, but having the option of a non-forced dispatch is one of the main benefits of being an owner operator at Status Transportation. The ability to decide what loads to take gives you independence and the power to run your own business as an owner operator.  With Status Transportation, you can choose a region of operation and have the option to decline a load offering if you do not have sufficient hours to legally complete the load. You also have the freedom to decline a load if a load does not meet weight or commodity criteria previously discussed with your dispatcher.

Not many places will go this far, but with Status Transportation, you can decline a load if it pays less than that region’s average pay per mile previously discussed with a dispatcher. There is also the flexibility to take a day or more if you are feeling tired or sick, in other words, you can take time off and get back on the road when you decide.

We ask from you that owner operator loads cannot be canceled and the owner operator cannot ask for more money per mile after the load has been accepted, and you must accept a load if the load meets criteria previously discussed with your dispatcher.  We give you leeway to make your own decisions and empower you to run your operation.

Check out what our owner operators have to say about Status Trucks

Owner operator loads

“I’ve had a great experience, I’ve been working with the company for a couple of years. If any of you guys are looking for a great company, a great home, family type company to come work for Status Trucks is the place.”

Owner Operator

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