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Owner operator trucking dispatcher
Angelica C. – Status Transportation Owner Operator Trucking Dispatcher
September 7, 2017
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October 19, 2021

Status Transportation dispatcher Kyle P.

My name is Kyle and I decided to become a dispatcher because I come from a family of truck drivers and although I’m not in the truck per say I’m still involved in this industry so that’s why I decided to join Status Transportation as an owner operator trucking dispatcher.

What skills do you need to be a great trucking dispatcher?

The kind of skills that you need, of course, you need communication skills, negotiation skills in terms of negotiating a rate. You need to be able to multitask and be able to handle challenging situations that may arise.

Getting the highest paying owner operator loads

Status Transportation dispatcher Kyle P.

My strategy for getting the highest paying loads for my owner operators is to look at the trucking market on a weekly basis to determine as it increased or has it decreased. That’s my strategy towards I deciding if it’s a good area or not.

Traits of a good owner operator dispatcher

If I had the opportunity to give myself a piece of advice when starting out as an owner operator dispatcher, I would tell myself to relax in a challenging event that may have occurred. I need to be more relaxed and to be more open minded.  I think it is necessary to establish a good working relationship between dispatchers and owner operators because the end of the day we both need each other.  So you do need to have some type of understanding of one another.

Rewards of being a dispatcher

The most rewarding part of being a dispatcher in the owner operator trucking industry is getting the satisfaction of hearing them say: “Hey Kyle thank you for finding me the loads, I’m able to provide for my family”,  that gives me the satisfaction.
I would truckers looking for the highest paying owner operator jobs to know that I work very hard to find my drivers the best loads. At the end of the day we’re both here to make money and if you’re not making money I’m not making any money.