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Josh B - Status Trucks Dispatcher
Joshua B – Status Trucks Dispatcher
April 1, 2016
Brandon P. - Status Trucks Dispatcher
Brandon P – Status Trucks Dispatcher
April 4, 2016

Anthony D – Status Trucks Dispatcher

Anthony - Status Trucks Dispatcher
Anthony - Status Trucks Dispatcher

My name is Anthony; I have been with Status since 2015, and I am a truck dispatcher. I believe the type of attitude you have to have and personality is someone who is outgoing and someone who is motivated to consistently run trucks and just be on point.

The skills you need to be a great dispatcher is definitely always to be punctual, read over your paperwork, have a good communication with owner operators, always be on the same page with them and just stay on top of your game.
If I had the opportunity to give myself advice when I just started as a dispatcher, I would tell myself never to procrastinate, always be proactive booking your owner operator loads in advanced and never wait until the last minute to do bills of lading or any paperwork.

The relationship you need to have with owner operators is a friendly one; I always try to get on a personal level, talk to them about how their family is doing. Get to know them as a person because the more you know them as a person, the better you can work with them. As well as with shippers because there are certain shippers that you work with more so because there is an existing friendly relationship. The friendlier they get with you, they tend to help you out a lot more.

At Status Transportation, we have a teamwork environment. Whenever someone is having problems with a truck or someone can’t cover something, or they are having difficulty because of the area they are in we work together by posting owner operator loads and help each other out.

The team building contest is whoever helps out the most booking other people’s trucks we get our parking spot as World’s best dispatcher. That’s a great bonus; we get to come in and get the first parking spot. It’s just about helping everyone around you, working together and trying to get everyone booked so we can go home at the end of the day.