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MUST SEE!!!! Status Transportation Reviews A+
February 18, 2016
Status Transportation Reviews - Raymond
I GIVE 100% endorsement to Status Transportation!!!!
June 17, 2016

I would recommend Status to any driver!

Edward T. shares the experience on owner operator loads and pay with Status Trucks.

Owner operator pay

Name: Edward T.
Position: Owner Operator
Equipment: Freightliner
Year Started: 2015
Trailer: Dry-Van
Area: OTR

“My name is Edward, I've been driving 18 years over the road. I like Status Transportation a lot, I mean I have no complaints. I've been with Schneider and other companies and after about 3 months I am ready to tear my hair out. This company, you keep me rolling. Jose is excellent, my dispatcher Jose is excellent I mean he knows what I want even before I even bring it up. He finds a load before I get to where I am delivering, I already have a load where I know I gotta go to and get going. That's how it's supposed to be. Now when you deliver and you wait and you wait, no you have the load right there! I love it! I would recommend Status to any driver, is the perfect company. You won't go wrong, you'll be happy, more money in your pocket, more money to bring home to your family, you can't loose! The only thing I can say added to my experience with Status is again I'm happy, I have no complaints. You guys do all 48 states which I'm happy. And like I tell my dispatcher I will not go up to New York or New England, he doesn't even look for a load going that way for me. The guy knows what I want, he makes sure I'm happy, like a little kid in a candy store I couldn't be happier.” - Edward T..