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Brandon P. - Status Trucks Dispatcher
Brandon P – Status Trucks Dispatcher
April 4, 2016
Juan S - Status Trucks Dispatcher
Juan S – Status Trucks Dispatcher
April 4, 2016

Jason P – Status Trucks Dispatcher

Jason P. - Status Trucks Dispatcher
Jason P. - Status Trucks Dispatcher

My name is Jason, I work at Status Transportation, and I am a dispatcher it the dispatching office here in Winter Garden, Florida. The job is challenging, but that’s one of the best parts of it, what’s life it isn’t a challenge? It is really good when you challenge yourself, and you see what you can do because when you come into a full day’s load of work and leave, you are happy, and you feel very accomplished.

Especially knowing that you helped your drivers and your team move from one place to another and everybody is happy and making money.

After you get a fleet of drivers is very important that you get a strategy. You really want to communicate well with your drivers; that is the most important thing about being a dispatcher. You want communication and just like in any relationship you want it to work out. You don’t look at it like it’s a boss of a relationship, it’s a team. There is no, hey do this or hey do that, and you run everything by the owner operator. It’s all about how you talk to them, you want to speak to them the right way, you want to come off the right way.

Personality is very important for this job; you want to have a very good personality. You don’t have to be outgoing or anything like that, but you want to be able to maintain a conversation with people that you don’t know and that you don’t see face to face every day.

So it is crucial that you have a good relationship with your owner operator. Personality comes into play there because you don’t want to be rude to them. If you are rude to them, it’s just going to come right back to you, and you are not going to get anywhere. It’s a two-way street, and that’s how you’ll benefit the most.