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Owner operator loads
Status is always right on the ball, good pay
February 18, 2016
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MUST SEE!!!! Status Transportation Reviews A+
February 18, 2016

Status is a great company to work for, really good loads

Status Trucks owner operator shares his experience with the company

Owner operator pay

Name: Phillip
Position: Owner Operator
Equipment: Peterbilt
Year Started: 2013
Trailer: Flatbed
Area: OTR

"Hi my name is Philip, I work for Status. I've been with them for about 3 years now, love 'em, great company. They give me all the loads that I ask for, they call me up in the morning to give me the loads, I do 'em they keep me moving. My dispatcher, his name is Adel, really good dispatcher, he knows what he's doing. Very professional, calls me up, cares about who I am and knows me by name. If I need to go home I call him up, give him a notice: hey I need to go home, routes me straight home. If I want to go to another area I just talk to him, we have a great relationship. The company has been there for me, we have been doing really well over the years. I would like to say that the company is a really good company, great company to work for. Thank you." - Philip.