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Status Transportation Reviews - Raymond
I GIVE 100% endorsement to Status Transportation!!!!
June 17, 2016
Owner Operator - Sergei
Owner operator reviews Status Transportation as a trustworthy company
July 1, 2016

Status Transportation Reviews – FAMILY ATMOSPHERE!!!

Status Transportation Reviews - Owner Operator Brent

I’ve worked for four or five different companies, in my twenty-year career and I would put Status Transportation at the top of that list.  Status Transportation reviews.

Status Transportation Reviews - Owner Operator Brent

Name: Brent
Position: Owner Operator
Equipment: Freightliner
Year Started: 2007
Trailer: Dry-Van
Area: OTR

My owner operator job experience with Status Transportation

My name is Brent and I’m working for Status Transportation I’m very happy with this company I’ve had nothing but a great experience. They’re very knowledgeable, they are very organized. Any questions you might have they’re happy to get them answered for you.

The dispatchers have a good disposition and they want to do everything they can to accommodate you so that you can run where you want to run, they pick the higher-paying loads. And it’s such a nice family atmosphere around here.

I’ve been driving semis for about twenty-seven years now and Status Transportation is the best company that I’ve ever worked for.
I’m happy to be a part of this and I highly recommend it to anybody else looking to work for a company as an owner operator.

An owner operator trucking company with a friendly environment

Culture plays a very important role in any organization and at Status Transportation this is not the exception. Research by recognized consulting groups shows that in the long run family business cultures tend to be stronger and more stable.

Although our organizational culture can be observed on some levels and sometimes described, it is impossible to imitate. Some of the factors that contribute to our culture are our values, and vision which translates into the way dispatchers and other team members get along with owner operator truck drivers. Each new team member at Status is specifically chosen based on a number of traits that will fit the company culture and as we gain more experience we have found this fit to be of great benefit to our owner operators. Besides the continuous system development, best practices and ongoing education of our team members, we also emphasize on establishing friendly long-lasting relationships both with owner operators and shippers.

Status Transportation reviews by owner operators

Truck drivers tend to describe us as an owner operator trucking company with a family atmosphere where they can succeed and feel happy. Some drivers focus on how easy to understand are our payment settlements, while others talk about how great their working relationship with their dispatchers is, yet the majority agree on the friendly work environment at Status.

Of course, when researching companies hiring owner operators the plan is to look for the best owner operator trucking company that can get you the most out of every run. This is why our dispatching strategies, pay programs, and processes are designed to get you the highest possible gross revenue per week. So in other words, we clearly understand the importance of maximizing your owner operator pay, and what better way to achieve this than to do it with an experienced company with a great work environment.