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April 8, 2016
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April 21, 2016

5 Tips To Increase Your Owner Operator Pay Significantly

5 Tips To Increase Your Owner Operator Pay Significantly

As in any other industry, your success as an owner operator will depend on many factors, but most importantly on your decisions.  We want you to succeed so here five easy pointers to help you boost your owner operator job income.

1. Plan Your Home Time In Advance

It’s always nice to spend time back home. As an OTR owner operator doing this on a regular basis can cut down your income significantly. It’s better to roll for three weeks at a time and coordinate with your dispatcher ahead of time when you need to go back home.

2. Expand Your Region of Operation

The number of loads available exponentially increases when you expand to other areas of operation.  One or two long hauls can make up for multiple short runs reducing your stress and the risk of running into difficulties during each load.

5 Tips To Increase Your Owner Operator Pay Significantly

3. Install Vents On Your Trailer

Installing vents on your trailer will open the opportunity to haul other commodities, in some cases, you can even compete against reefers.  Save around $200 and do it yourself.

4. Open Up To Hauling Different Commodities

Don’t undermine your business by limiting yourself to some commodities.  Depending on seasonal trends, some commodities are going to be more available than others, but if you limit yourself to only a niche, it will be harder for your dispatcher to find the best paying loads.  Open up to hauling different commodities and you’ll improve your ability to follow seasonal trends.

5. Cooperate With Your Dispatcher and Trust Him

Your dispatcher plays a critical role in your business. He has your best interest at heart when looking for the best paying loads and negotiating them for you. Work on developing a friendly and trusting relationship with your dispatcher, after all, you are a team.

Follow these time-tested suggestions and you will see the results in one week.  By doing so you will grow your share of the pie, start getting better-paying loads and increased owner operator pay.

Erik Chavez
Status Trucks