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May 30, 2018
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Florida-Based Status Transportation Sets Sights on Growth and Expansion

Status Transportation Owner Operators in lot

Status Transportation Owner Operators in the lot at Orlando location.

Status Transportation Corp., a leading ground freight and cargo services company, continues to expand and grow its operation to serve Owner Operators—helping them meet their customers’ demand for service and reliability in the competitive Logistics & Transportation industry.

When Status Transportation began operating in 2009, its owner wanted to challenge the way the trucking and transportation industry served independent truck owners, facilitating essential resources and services to keep them on the road and generating revenue.

Status Transportation Owner Operators in lot

Status Transportation Owner Operators in the lot at Orlando location.

Now, as the company approaches its first decade in business, the growth of Status Transportation has become evident in its expansion into the busy Atlanta transportation hub—where Fortune 500 companies and other multinational corporations operate countless warehouses and supply routes.

Status Transportation’s growth has been driven by making effective, forward-thinking business decisions, which include anticipating a growth in transportation demand near the intersection of the “perimeter” and I-20, which are major logistical supply arteries for the Eastern US and the Midwest Region.

“Our goal is to meet the demand of our transportation services’ customers with a solutions-driven approach to customer service,” said L. John Statkus, CEO of Status Transportation Corp. “We have proven how a collaborative relationship with Owner Operators is a win-win situation for all.”

Statkus attributes his success to the company’s great relationship with its Owner Operators, an approach that has led to exceptional growth that led to the establishment of a new headquarters building in the Orlando Area and a forward-operation location near Atlanta, GA.

Every day, thousands of Owner Operator truck drivers brave the roads, traffic, and weather to ensure a lifeline of supplies to America’s top retailers, distributors and other logistics hubs—and companies like Status Transportation make it possible by keeping these entrepreneurs focused on what’s important.

Consequently, business growth is assumed to come with challenges that can only be met by having access to business partnerships, industry resources, a well-trained staff, and a success-focused mindset—all of which Status Transportation has worked hard to establish.

“Expansion and growth is part of our success formula,” added Statkus, who still holds an active Commercial Driver’s License. “We love the transportation industry and appreciate every Owner Operator that works with us to continue to lead in the industry.”

Status Transportation is actively looking at other ways to expand, by way of promoting the benefits and profitability of being an independent Owner Operator in the trucking industry.

Companies of all sizes continue to rush to meet market demand—and they don’t necessarily employ more truck drivers. In a post-recession economic era, many businesses depend on experienced Owner Operators who can transport goods without having to incur the costs of employment and insurance.

Status Transportation remains an engaged player and continues to grow its business to facilitate entry into the industry for Owner Operators—a community of truck drivers committed to keeping America’s businesses connected to their consumers.

About Status Transportation

Status Transportation Corp. is a Florida-based trucking company that provides support for Owner Operator truck drivers, managing all aspects of freight dispatch and operations management. The company works to generate business for Owner Operators, ensuring a constant stream of business and revenue opportunities. Status Transportation has been operating since 2009 with offices in Orlando, FL and Atlanta, GA.

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