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Improving your owner operator pay by providing value to your customer

Owner Operator Trucking Status Transportation

As an owner operator, you have actually most likely checked out many books, blog sites, short articles or videos on the best ways to prosper in the owner operator trucking industry. You most likely go on Youtube for owner operator trucking suggestions and whenever they put out a brand-new video and speak about a brand-new trick to prosper you believe, perhaps this is the one. Perhaps this will be the trick I need.

The principles explained in this blog post will assist you to increase your owner operator pay or get the highest paying owner operator jobs, however, it’s hard and there is no secret. As provided by the awesome Kevin R. at the Great American Truck Show and initially published by Steven Pressfield, author of “Do the Work”, these principles will sure help owner operator truckers to get ahead of the pack and have rewarding owner operator jobs.

Bring value to your client

Owner Operator Trucking Status Transportation

The secret to success in any company, name it owner operator trucking or any sort of company, if you wish to be rich and successful and have great deals of satisfied clients all you need to do is bring the best value you can possibly bring to your customer. That’s it, all you need to do you bring the most value you can possibly give your customer. When you bring genuine value, individuals will invest in it. Basically, that’s exactly what value signifies. Appears quite basic. It’s in fact really easy however is it simple? No, it’s not.

Simple is not the same as easy, there is a substantial distinction in between simple and easy. There are a great deal of things today that are simple, they’re not hard to understand however they’re incredibly challenging to carry out. Easy to comprehend, hard carry out, yet it works. Truckers using this principle to owner operator jobs are the ones that prosper and are the ones that have satisfied clients due to the fact that they bring value to their clients. It doesn’t matter if you are an owner operator are leased to a carrier, if we’re going to bring worth to our client first thing we need to do is determine who our client is.

Recognizing your customer as an owner operator

There is a lot of individuals in the trucking business who have no idea who the client is, in fact, they run their operation like they do not even have a customer. Some owner operators may believe the client is the shipper, others claim the receiver, some may say the broker. Here’s a tip, in any company here’s the method you recognize your client, simply determine who writes the checks. That’s it, who writes the check? So if you are an owner operator leased to a carrier your client is the carrier. However, how many owner operators actually treat their leased carrier like a client?

This is your company and your carrier is your client. The industry is evolving and it is the exception the owner operator that treats their carrier as their client. However, if you are under your own authority, who is your client? If the broker is the one paying you, definitely they are your client. They’re the ones writing the check to you. if you have actually got shipper direct freight, they’re the client. Folks with their own authority that have gone out to find for their own clients are more likely to get this, they understand who their customer is. Bring value to customers, bring as much value as you can possibly bring.

Boost owner operator pay by improving your company

To bring that value you have to deal with the areas that require improvement. Whether it be individual relationships, profits, planning your time off, etc. If you’re not as effective as you want to be in any of those areas it’s because you’re not doing the hard work. Please realize this does not indicate you’re not working hard. There’s a huge distinction in between working hard and doing the hard work. Owner operator trucking has the hardest working individuals, so that’s not the problem. You most likely know a great deal of individuals who work hard and aren’t successful however it’s not for lack of trying. They wish to achieve success, they work hard, however, they do not do the hard work.

To do the hard work it’s much more difficult to do than simply working hard. Truckers, in general, are all quite well conditioned to working hard, however many for the most part all steer clear of doing the hard work. Doing the hard work is extremely simple, however, do not confuse simple with easy. Is as simple as choosing a part of your life that you wish to better and do the hard work to get it. Weight management, for instance, there is one sentence that tells you precisely the best way to reduce weight. Just burn more calories than you consume. That’s it, that is weight-loss in one sentence. Burn more calories than you take in, so why aren’t you doing that if it’s so easy?

Want another example? Improving your profit margin as an owner operator. This is a real simple one, make more than you spend or vice-versa. That’s how it works. If we can make more than we spend and after that, we can keep doing this over and over we simply keep boosting our profit.  Very simple concept, so how come so many drivers are in debt?  Because they do quite the opposite and avoid doing the hard work.

Identifying the hard work in an owner operator trucking business

Sometimes owner operators have trouble identifying what is the hard work they need to be doing in order to improve their business. Each owner operator trucking business is different and the hard work will be unique to each driver.  One way to identify it is by thinking about what is the last thing you want to do.  Is it keeping track of your expenses?  Is it organizing your paperwork?  Think about that thing you have been putting off and that’s probably the hard work for you.  You’ll attempt anything else first.  The key here is you have to identify the hard work you have been avoiding and set your mind that you will simply keep doing this up until you are successful. There’s absolutely nothing fancy about this, no one wants to hear this, but this is exactly what you need to hear.  

The main reason the majority of people struggle is because they try to find many other methods of getting around doing the hard work. It’s not enjoyable and we make it more complex than what it is by attempting other alternatives first, however it’s not.

Among the strategies you can utilize for succeeding with the hard work is by establishing routines. The first step in producing an enduring lifelong routine is to continue even if you’ve failed in the past and keep trying until you are successful.

Choose a system to help you stay on track

Status Transportation - Higher owner operator payWhether you write it down on a small piece of paper and put it on your dashboard, or get an app to track your progress, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you can track it. There are great deals of methods to do this.  If your goal is to reduce your spending, improve your safety rating, lose weight or saving money towards buying your next truck then find a system that will help you stay on track, monitor your results, and pretty soon you’ll reach your goals.

Like we said, simple concepts but very useful in helping you to grown in the owner operator trucking business and provide value to your customers.  For more valuable information please subscribe to the Status Transportation blog.


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