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Brandon W - Status Trucks Dispatcher
Brandon W – Status Trucks Dispatcher
April 4, 2016
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September 7, 2017

Maykel D – Status Trucks Dispatcher

Hello, my name is Maykel Diaz, most people call me Mike for short. The reason why I wanted to become a dispatcher at Status Transportation is because from my grandfather all the way to close friends and relatives they have been involved in the trucking industry. Trucking for me is a passion.

Maykel D Status Transportation DispatcherI wanted to get more exposure and experience in a different sector of the trucking world. After some research, I found out that Status Transportation is one of the companies that was going to give me that type of exposure and experience in this sector of the trucking industry.

Everybody’s strategy to get a good load is different, then again a driver’s perspective of a good load will not be different from what I believe is a good load. The main strategy that I follow to get good loads for my owner operators is to keep them in the areas where it is a little busier and easier to move and where I can maximize their owner operator pay.One piece of advice that I could give to new dispatchers that will come to Status Transportation and definitely I would have given that same advice to myself when I first started, is you gotta stay positive and be very patient. Patience is key for being a good dispatcher. At times a load gets canceled, some other times owner operators run into situations or different challenges so you have to stay patient so you can think clearly and outside the box on how to solve those situations.

Your driver needs to know that you are not going to do anything but the best for him and in return, he is going to go above and beyond for you. He is the guy that you are going to depend on and every day, and he is trusting you his equipment, his investment, his livelihood. It is crucial that your owner operators know that you are going to do nothing but the best for them and you are going to take care of them no matter what.

A message that I would like to say to my existing owner operators and new ones to come to take from me is that I am a person with a teamwork attitude and a business mentality. At the end of the day, every owner operator working here at Status Transportation want their business to be successful. They are not just a number on my screen, they are not just a paycheck, they are people. I will care for them and I will do nothing but the best for them. I will have nothing but their best interest in mind and I will do everything that is possible in my hands for their time here at Status Transportation to be as successful and as enjoyable as possible.