Status Transportation Corp Reporting Lower Level 1 Inspections

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Status Transportation Corp Lower Level 1 Inspections Delivers More Efficiency to Drivers

Status Transportation Corp. is applauding a reduction in Level 1 inspections after updates were made to its internal procedures and guidance for its fleet.

Status Transportation Corp has lowered Level 1 inspections.

Level 1 inspections absorb precious time in order to exercise focus on both commercial drivers and their vehicles. They are generally considered a time-consuming disruption for Owner Operators, although it is understood that a safety component is behind the procedure.

Hard efforts and collaboration between drivers and Status Transportation Corp. management resulted in a reduction in Level 1 inspections during 2018 and the first quarter of 2019. One measure taken on by Status Transportation was the creation of quarterly inspections. Facilities were set up to allow Owner Operators to take advantage of services enabling a reduction in Level 1 inspections for at least three months at a time.

“Our Status Transportation team saw the opportunity to self-police our safety and we took it upon ourselves to implement company-wide policies to improve our scores,” said John L. Statkus, President of Status Transportation. “It all starts with becoming self-aware of the opportunity and consequently taking action to make improvements.”

Statkus added, “We are getting ready to celebrate our 10th anniversary and we are proud to look back and see that our company has chosen to be a leader that can foresee changes ahead—and the opportunity to become better at what we do, year after year.”

Status Transportation Corp believes that even if the CSA scores have improved, it is important to remain proactive and address future challenges at the first sign, which will ensure the success of Owner Operators, their safety, and that of the American public which shares the nation’s roads with them.

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