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What makes a good owner operator?

Business is not personal

Great owner operators are those who can take the perspective of a business owner and not just of the driver. What that means is means is that they invest into and maintain their business and treat the business as such: business. And not let emotions or anything else get in the way.

Having a good attitude is critical

In the trucking business as in any other, a good percentage of how everything runs has to do with our attitude. There are always ups and downs and stuff we can’t control, but things can get worse if we let them get to us. Some companies are better than others, but no matter how many times you change from place to place if you can’t get along with others things are always going to go south. One person’s experience may not necessarily be the same as everyone else’s. A great deal of a good business relationship depends on the individual’s attitude.

Many times what we assume to know or what we think is true, is not always the case. Learning this helps us to improve our personal thought process and get along with others whether you are a trucker or not. People tend to make assumptions without thinking things through based on past experiences, half truths, or a crowd mentality. As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Everyone has bad days, and people are not perfect. Having a positive attitude can help us to keep in mind that people are not perfect. Someone can rub off the wrong way without noticing, but that doesn’t mean we should hold it against the person. Maybe they’re just having a bad day. The important thing here is to know how are we going to react. You can decide to curse them out or simply you can look past their attitude. Maybe the second option will show the person how much of a jerk he or she is. I think communication is always better than retaliation.

Being mindful of ourselves is a great place to start in filtering our thoughts and be more tolerant of other people. In return things will start to improve at work, you will notice a difference in how other people react to you, and enjoy your job as an owner operator a lot more.

Erik C.
Status Trucks