Useful Trucking Apps – Part 1

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January 10, 2022
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August 16, 2022

Useful Trucking Apps – Part 1

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Most truckers will tell you that they love their jobs because they get a chance to see the world and take on new challenges. Being on the open road has its perks – yes – but there are things that can make it challenging too. Like traffic, paperwork, and fuel costs. 

Today, mobile apps are helping to change the way truckers do business—and are making working out on the road much easier. Applications for GPS tracking, fuel finders, vehicle maintenance logs, and more make up a growing list of available applications that truck drivers across the nation are using.

There are a lot of trucking apps out there and it’s worth it to try some out and see which you like. To help, we’ve compiled a list of our top 3 choices for the most useful apps to have while on the road. 

In this post we’ll discuss:

  • TransFlo Mobile+  
  • TCS Fuel Finder
  • Weigh My Truck

TCS Fuel Finder 

With the rising costs of fuel today, having a fuel card that offers great discounts to save money is key. The TCS fuel card does just that and also offers an app to find the best fuel prices along your route. With the TransConnect Services (TCS) Fuel Finder app, truckers can save money at the fuel pump by using the TCS fuel card and connecting to a listing of fuel supply locations across the U.S. You can do things like see current fuel prices, locate the best prices and discounts, search for truck stops nearby and browse truck stop amenities all from the mobile app. 

The Fuel Finder app and the interactive map, powered by Google Maps, is a free tool from TCS and is also a great option for those who love to plan ahead. Before you even hit the road you can come up with your route and include stops for fuel along the way. 

TransFlo Mobile+ 

TransFlo Mobile+ is one of our favorite apps because it provides the tools professional drivers need to make their job easier and more efficient. An easy-to-use, configurable dashboard makes it possible to capture documents, quickly send them to processing, and have other essential tools at your fingertips.

Available for phones and tablets, on iOS and Android, Transflo Mobile+ helps capture and process over 800 million transportation documents every year, helping drivers get their jobs done — and get loads delivered — faster than ever.

Weigh My Truck 

Overloaded trailers are a major risk. Not to mention the fines. The Weigh My Truck app keeps track of your weight distribution so your trailer is never overloaded. Using your mobile device’s built-in accelerometer the app measures the weight distribution of your trailer or container. That means no surprises at the inspection and weighing station and accurate details on distribution.

These resources can save your business money and help you do business more effectively. If you’re looking for additional information on becoming more profitable in your owner operator business, contact Status Trucks today!