Top Roadside Attractions for Truck Drivers

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Top Roadside Attractions for Truck Drivers

truck owner operator driving off through the sunset.While the United States may not have invented the concept of the “roadside attraction,” it has perfected it. We love our vehicles, and we like to travel the country in them with the destination sometimes less important than the journey. 

For truck drivers, of course, the destination is the job, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the journey. Owner operators get leisure time, too, often in the middle of a journey. What better way to spend it (after sleeping and eating, of course), than having a bit of adventure? 

Here is a list of roadside attractions that many truckers don’t even know exist. All these places are “trucker-friendly,” meaning they have at least some parking and facilities for owner operator truck drivers. 

Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame — Hayward, WI

If you like fishing, look no further…there is a museum for you. The exterior of the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame features a 40-foot-tall muskie, which is reportedly the largest fish statue in the world. Inside is a collection of interesting and historic fishing gear as well as trophy fish. Admission to the museum is $8.25, and it offers parking for up to five rigs in the grass lot just off 27. 

The Enchanted Highway – Regent, North Dakota

The Enchanted Highway is a 32-mile stretch of sculptures off Interstate 94. The attraction, which was the brainchild of one artist, is a collection of whimsical sculptures made of scrap metal. The Enchanted Highway begins at Exit 72 on I-94 near Gladstone and terminates 32 miles down the road in the small town of Regent. The highway features a collection of parking and picnic areas every few miles for stops. 

Biosphere 2 – Oracle, Arizona

Looking for something a bit otherworldly? Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona (just off I-10) is a glass building in the Sonoran Desert that houses an Earth system science research facility and the largest manmade closed ecosystem in the world. Visitors can learn about the past, present, and future of Earth and enjoy beautiful architecture and scenery.

The Lost Sea — Sweetwater, TN

Located in a massive underground cavern in the middle of Tennessee off Interstate 75, the Lost Sea is the country’s largest underground lake. Visitors can see the lake by boat and enjoy the underground geology (and admire the rainbow trout). Admission is $20.95 and includes the boat ride and three-quarters of a mile walk, and the museum has space for a few rigs outside.  

Chief Crazy Horse Memorial — Crazy Horse, South Dakota

If you’ve seen Mount Rushmore one too many times, consider something different when you’re in the region. The Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota is an ongoing project that will ultimately be a giant carving of the head of Chief Crazy Horse created out of the side of a mountain. Larger than Mount Rushmore, the carving is currently 88 feet tall, but is projected to be 641 feet tall once it’s finished.

National Corvette Museum – Bowling Green, Kentucky

If you’re a fan of the iconic vehicle, the National Corvette Museum is not to be missed. It features a display of more than 80 Corvettes from every era since 1953. (It also features an exhibit based around a sinkhole that opened under the museum in 2014.) The museum is located in a 115,000-square-foot building that is admired for its award-winning architectural design. The museum is located a quarter of a mile from the GM plant that has been assembling Corvettes since 1981. 

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