Useful Trucking Apps: Part 2

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Useful Trucking Apps: Part 2

Mobile Phone In A Hand. Man Using MobIf you’re an owner operator then you already know how important it is to get your cargo from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Anytime kinks in your travels pop up – like a road accident or other delay, it can translate into lost revenues. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of all the mobile apps available today that can help you do your job more efficiently, and keep you safe.

We’ve compiled a list of mobile apps for owner operator truck drivers to use while out on the road. (Check out Part 1)

Let us know in the comments if you’ve used these or have others you can’t live without!


  1. AllStays Truck & Travel
    This iOS trucker truck and travel app offers a quick, convenient way to find RV and truck stop locations across the U.S. Perfect while you travel along your route. It features ad-free, tablet-ready content and has driver comments included. Based on your location, the app will display truck stops on a map view that you can then filter or you can search for locations manually if you’re planning your route in advance.

    Another app that is popular among truck drivers is AudioBooks. Featuring thousands of titles and podcasts, it makes long hauls on the road bearable. Listen while you drive and download copies to continue playing when you’re in an area with no service.

  3. Dock411
    Dock411 Let’s you see all the important details about a stop on your trip. Get information about loading times, yard hazards, pallet restrictions and more. Reduce holdups, damaged cargo or confusion that can delay shipments.  Knowing in advance is the best way to save time, money and frustration.

  4. Drivewyze
    This app makes it easier for truck drivers to save money and time when it comes to weigh stations and line ups. The weigh station bypass service works by connecting to a device you already have in-cab (ELD, phone, or tablet,) so there’s no need for a transponder. Bypass opportunities are available at 830 fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites across 45 states and provinces.

  5. iExit Trucks
    Allows truckers to find the best highway exit for cheap gas and food options. With these details you can find exits that are truck friendly and stay away from those that aren’t. Find weigh scales, repair service centers, and hotel discounts.

  6. Trucker’s Slide Calc
    Get accurate help calculating your axles. Simply enter your axle weights (platform scale or individual axles) and the app uses simulation technology to tell you if and how much each axle is over or under, as well as the gross weight.  Have a balanced trailer that saves fuel and keeps the axles legal.

  7. NOAA Weather Radar
    Weather conditions also play an important role in your trip efficiency. This app lets you check information in real time about current temps, highs and lows,  wind speed, visibility information – and more.

  8. Waze
    Get real-time access to GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation so you always know what’s happening on the road at all times. In addition to information about road hazards, traffic or crashes ahead you can also hear audible alerts when police are in the area. Interactive map also includes information on nearby gas stations, food and lodging.

  9. Spotify
    There’s nothing quite like some good tunes on the road to help make the road a bit more enjoyable. With the Spotify app you can stream millions of songs and podcasts to listen to on any of your devices.

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